About Lady Anger Website

Being a lady and having anger has prevented me from going out, because I’m a lady that’s angry, so now I’m angry that I can’t go out and be angry…because I’m a lady.


My whole life I’ve been angry because, as I’ve seen it, most people are self-centered, unintelligent a-holes, betraying my trust after I’ve openly and honestly given it to them.

No matter how many times I got screwed over, it kept happening, until I had a life-changing nervous breakdown and, after a few years of intensive therapy, realized that I had to change my perception about things that trigger my anger.

It is not easy, and I’m still pissed off every day, so I decided to start writing about it.

The Philosophy

It is natural to feel anger – it is a real emotion – and it must be expressed (let out), in order to preserve our mental and physical health.

Betrayal is a leading cause of anger. When we feel betrayed (expecting one result but receiving another one that we perceive as negative), our natural emotions instinctively activate, manifesting as sadness and anger internally and, for many, externally, as well.

Empathy, solidarity and revolution through sharing experiences.
When we courageously share our stories of anger with others, we create understanding, offer relatable encouragement, and motivate change.

The Action

LadyAngrr.com was created to give people a real, judgement-free space to accept that anger is a normal, natural emotion, just like sadness, joy and surprise.

Women’s anger is rarely talked about or even expressed, so it’s held inside, where it can cause depression and/or anxiety. 

Stories of betrayals triggered by people, by corporations, by governments and by other social and civil institutions, are shared to motivate self-awareness, and to modify the Institutions to make them more understanding in order to quell the destructive anger that results from their oblivious operating practices.

The Result

A new understanding of why we get angry and discovering healthy, confident ways to express it.